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Plugin update:

Plugin version NGP7: 0.60.5055

What's new in RallySimFans (RSF):
- New: A road side service park is now more realistic because it allows the driver duo (limited spare parts, tools and skills) to fix only certain damaged car parts when the damage is not too severe. This makes the road side service park to stand out more from the normal service park and gives rally organizers an interesting new possibility.
- Improved: Workaround to couple ancient bugs in GaugerPlugin and RBR_RX plugins.
- Improved: Workaround to a firmware issue in some Moza steering wheels when
RSFLauncher.Controls.AdjustSteeringWheelRotationRange option is set (Moza didn't always accept the new rotation range).
- Fixed: Sometimes FMOD audio file downloading failed. Now it should work.
- Fixed: Profile and controller binding saving logic (didn't always save controller binding changes).
- Fixed: F11 screenshot key with Vulkan mode didn't always save a screenshot in PNG format.

- New: A new "FencePath" option in Tracks1234.ini files. Map authors can now have a map specific fence DDS textures (the default fence textures are in Misc/Fence.dat file).

- New version of OpenRBRTriples plugin by Detegr/TorttuP. See below.

OpenRBRTriples 0.2.1 by Detegr/TorttuP:
- Fix incorrect rendering of the windows with some display configurations.

Please visit website to download the latest RallySimFans_Installer application to update your existing RBR/RSF installation. Run the installer app and choose "Update Existing Installation" option.

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.50.3 (3,97Mb)

Lacka, Mika-n and the testing team from RSF

Plugin update:

Plugin version NGP7: 0.60.5054

What's new in RallySimFans (RSF):
- New: RSFLauncher.Cockpit&Dashboard "Race clock" option to hide or show the RBR timer in top left corner in racing and replaying.
- New: The "Borgacci profile protection method" to prevent RBR loosing control bindings randomly is now integrated into RBR profile editing logic (pfMulligatawny.acm file is kept in read-only after saving the latest control changes. Thanks to Igor Borgacci to come up with this read-only file trick 10 years ago to workaround an ancient RBR bug with controller bindings. Now this trick is automated in the latest RSF version. Note! Bind controls only when the game is in RBR menus and not while a car is on stage.
- Improved: RBRControls plugin supports new "SoundFilePath" option in RBRControls.ini file to set a folder source for custom HShifter voice-over WAV audio files.
- Improved: F11 RBR screenshot handling in PNG picture format tweaks. No more black screenshots in Vulkan mode and a lot faster PNG file saving in when RBR uses a big monster resolution.
- Improved: F1 "tyre condition" info screen now remembers the selected option between RBR restarts.
- Improved: The auto-update logic of RSF plugin improved (doesn't require RBR reboots anymore).
- Fixed: Restart race menu available even when the finish line has been crossed.
- Fixed: Digidash position in racing and replaying.
- Fixed: "Reuse tyre state" option in Practice racing.
- Fixed: Replay weather setting selection on certain stages.
- Fixed: RSFLauncher.Cockpit&Dashboard hide/show option handling in replays.
- Fixed: MyPacenotes auto-saving (didn't always auto-save pacenote changes).
- Fixed: Various FreezeFrame fixes in replay mode.
- Other bug fixes here and there as usual.

- New version of OpenRBRTriples plugin by Detegr/TorttuP. See below.

New maps:
- 508-Vilaplana-2007 (by Trasky). Trasky has been working long hours with this tarmac stage in Spain. In Trasky's own words: "Tight your racing gloves, fasten your seat belt and hold your wheel to enjoy the FFB. You are gonna feel every inch of the road. Enjoy the 6 different weathers and get into a full inmersive experience. Savour the lidar data of WRC Vilaplana 2007 only in RSF RBR". Made with love in Spain by Trasky. Make sure to visit to find out how to support Trasky's work of art.

- 506-Kaczyce (by Dej Krzysztof). Many of you have "Ul Rajdowa" stage as one of their favorite stages. You certainly want to checkout this new stage from Dej. What a beaty, but a monster underneath. Very technical and twisty stage, but it doesn't matter because every now and then you want to stop and just admire how good this stage feels and looks like.
- 507-Jodlownik---Woliborz (by Krzysztof Baran. We already have Woliborz---Jodlownik stage and now we have a pleasure to have the reverse version also do to back-to-back driving on this excellent stage.

Updated maps:
- 485-Woliborz---Jodlownik (by Krzysztof Baran. Various redscreen and collision improvements and fixes.
- 489-vacarisses-SS1 (by Vicenç Caihuelas). Redscreen and texture improvements and fixes.
- 504-Witoszow---Zloty-Las and 505-Zloty-Las---Witoszow (by Krzysztof Baran. Fixed various ground geometries. Improved textures and cutting preventation objects here and there.

OpenRBRTriples 0.2.0-beta2 by Detegr/TorttuP:
- Fix an issue with NVIDIA surround bezel corrected resolutions.
- Make main menu scene look less wonky.
- Fixed Z-buffer issue with near value 0.0 by limiting it to 0.01 internally.
- Got rid of 3 separate windows and using one large one. Should get rid of issues with forced vsync cutting the fps to 1/3 and so on. Also this should now correctly hide the task bar in NVIDIA surround setups I hope. This can also fix issues with different graphics modes not working, we'll see.

Please visit website to download the latest RallySimFans_Installer application to update your existing RBR/RSF installation. Run the installer app and choose "Update Existing Installation" option.

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.50.0 (3,97Mb)

Lacka, Mika-n and the testing team from RSF

Plugin update:

Plugin version NGP7: 0.60.5051

What's new in RallySimFans (RSF):
- New: A whole new RSF in-game plugin where many under the hood things have been re-designed to improve stability, fault tolerance to random network connection issues and improved FPS. See below for more information.
- New: RSFLauncher.MyCars.RBRHUD option to enable or disable live RBRHUD dashboard gauges per car. Some cars have FPS heavier live gauges than others. If those cars cause FPS issues then you no longer need to disable RBRHUD plugin completely, instead you can disable live dashboard gauges per car.
- New: RSFLauncher.RallySimFans.RacerName option to set a custom driver name in RBR. We all don't have to be MULLIGATAWNYs anymore when RBR welcomes the driver to the startline.
- New: Improved result screen in Practice races to show a comparison to personal records on the same stage, car and the car group.
- New: RSFLauncher.Screen&Graphics.Triples configuration options. Before using the new triples support you have to set triple resolution options here.
- Fixed: Replaying of unofficial BTB replays with a fixed mapID didn't work.
- Fixed: If the telemetry file recording feature in NGP plugin is enabled then "Retire" menu command told NGP plugin to save a telemetry file. However, "Exit to Main Menu" didn't tell NGP plugin to save the telemetry file, so the telemetry of the next stage was appended into the same telemetry data file. Now both ways to leave a stage tells NGP plugin to save a telemetry data file.

- New: RBRControls plugin page (4/4) with VR specific controls like "move a seat position in OpenRBRVR".

- New: OpenRBRTriples plugin by Detegr/TorttuP. The groundbreaking new plugin for RBR. True triple monitor support in RallySimFans with the correct fullscreen side monitor perspective and a bezel width adjustment. See below for more details.

- New: RBR DirectorsCut plugin by Mister Arek. Yet another groundbreaking new plugin for RBR. DirectorsCut plugin makes it possible for all of us to feel what it is to be a rally movie director. Or if you don't feel like to be a movie director then the improved freeCam and BTB roadside replay cameras for sure makes you smile. See below for more details.

- Updated OpenRBRVR 0.8.2 plugin version by Detegr/TorttuP. See below for more details.

- Updated version of DgVoodoo (Dgv) DX11/DX12 graphics driver. Please note that DgV DX11/DX12 graphics mode is not generally recommended. It is mainly for older AMD gpu PCs where the old AMD gpu doesn't support Vulkan 1.3 version and the old AMD gpu with Vulkan 1.2 version has issues with live RBRHUD dashboard gauges.

- Updated RBRHUD package with a new damage visualization (DamageHUD "Full V2") by AleksiP. Use RSFLauncher.Cockpit&Dashboard.DamageHUD option to choose "Full V2" option.

- Updated Czech translation by JordanT.

New maps:
- Sunava Shakedown by Tomas Cere. A new tarmac stage in Slovakia. Tomas has created a replica of the real Sunava Shakedown stage. When you drive this stage and then I say this is the first stage Tomas has ever created for RBR then most of you would not believe it. Thank you Tomas for this wonderful stage, you certainly have the talent.
- Witoszow---Zloty-Las and Zloty-Las---Witoszow by Krzysztof Baran. BaranTracks is already a concept and a synomym to high quality in RBR. These two new stages are a proof of that. Please visit to see more details and support his work of art.
- Vacarisses SS1 by Vicenc Caihuelas. We already have Vacarisses SS2 and now Vicenc is back with the reverse version. This new map version has also various upgrades, so make sure to test drive this excellent stage in Spain. Please check the Maps 489-VacarissesSS1 folder also for more info how to support Vicenc's work.

Updated maps:
- As mentioned in RSF Discord announcement, few weeks ago we disabled in online rallies all stages built as a surface conversion versions of vanilla RBR stages (for example snow and tarmac versions of Greenhills).
- The good news is it was just a temporary disablation while we were updating and improving many of those stages (texture improvements and other fixes).
- In this release we are re-releasing following improved old stages (Towerbrah did a massive job to overhaul numerous old buggy textures).
- If your favorite stage is not yet in this list then the stage has some quality issues. Those may be re-released in the future if someone takes the job to fix those texture and surface physics issues.
Bisanne Gravel + Snow
Bisanne II Gravel + Snow
Chirdonhead Snow + Tarmac
Chirdonhead II Snow
Cote D'Arbroz Gravel + Snow,
Cote D'Arbroz II Gravel + Snow
Diamond Creek Tarmac
East-West Snow + Tarmac
East-West II Snow + Tarmac
Falstone Snow + Tarmac
Fraizer Wells Snow
Greenhills Snow + Tarmac
Greenhills II Tarmac
Harwood Forest Snow
Harwood Forest II Snow
Joux Plane Gravel + Snow
Joux Plane II Gravel + Snow
Joux Verte Gravel + Snow
Joux Verte II Gravel + Snow
NewBobs Snow + Tarmac
NewBobs II Snow + Tarmac
Noiker Snow
Noiker II Snow
Pirka Menoko Snow + Tarmac
Prospect Ridge Snow
Rally School Stage Tarmac
Rally School Stage II Tarmac
Sheperds Shield Snow + Tarmac
Sheperds Shield II Snow + Tarmac
Sipirkakim Snow
Sipirkakim II Snow + Tarmac

RSF in-game plugin:
- The RSF in-game plugin in this release went through a major review and many internal parts were re-designed.
- We have been working on this new version for several months already alongside with the "old" version, but now it is time to start using the new version and hear your feedback how it works.
- Most of the improvements are not directly shown on screen, but more like under the hood improvements. Those changes should improve FPS (slightly), fault tolerance to random network issues, better stability and integration with other plugins in RSF.
- Also, this new version gives us easier way to update essential game components and build more new features in RBR and RSF. Stay tuned...
- There are probably some corner case issues we haven't detected during closed beta testing, so please join the RSF Discord channnel and please report issues there. Thank you. See website and the Discord link there.

OpenRBRVR 0.8.2 by Detegr/TorttuP:
- Fixed a crash that occurred if the car's ini file had invalid data.
- Fixed a bug where the seat position was not loaded correctly if a stage was restarted.
- Fixed desktop window and 2D content window size calculation.
- Support for seat movement using a steering wheel or keyboard button via the new RBRControls plugin options.
- Add explanation and troubleshooting tips for "OpenXR error -32" error message.
- Optionally smooth out the camera movement for the feature that rotates the yaw of the horizon locked camera 180 degrees if the car is upside down. This feature is disabled by default.
- Implemented per-stage anti-aliasing (see antiAliasing option in openRBRVR.toml configuration file).

OpenRBRTriples by Detegr/TorttuP:
- Drivers with three or even more monitors have dreamed on a true triple monitor support in RBR for the last 15 years.
- At best some drivers have used post-processing reshader perspective correction applications to twist the perspective in side monitors, but it can never reach the graphics and perspective quality of a true multi-monitor rendering with adjustable view angle and bezel width options.
- Detegr has done it again. The dream is here today in RallySimFans RBR. A true triple monitor support!
- See the new triple monitor configuration options in RSFLauncher.Screen&Graphics before enabling the triple monitor graphics mode.
- Please visit "RBR" Discord and the announcement channel to see a link to OpenRBRTriples release trailer video or visit

RBR DirectorsCut by Mister Arek:
- If you have ever wanted to create a cinematic movie clip how you managed to nail perfectly a hairpin and left-right-left corner combination then onscreen video recording from a standard RBR replay is one option, but it is very limited with camera views.
- DC plugin solves all these movie recording limitations by giving easy to use heliCam, droneCam, helmetCam, suspensionCam and lots of other custom and customizable camera views.
- Traditionally BTB maps have been very limited in replays (ie. no roadside replay cameras). DC plugin adds automatical roadside replay cameras to all BTB maps. How cool is that?
- Greatly improved freeCam feature (F9 key toggles freeCam on/off) with smoother movement, gamepad support and so on. The improvement list goes on and on...
- Make sure to watch the in-game tutorial in DC plugin to learn some of the basics of the plugin. Press 'H' key to open the plugin menu.
- Please visit "RBR" Discord and the announcement channel to see a link to RBR DirectorsCut release trailer video or visit

Please visit website to find the latest RallySimFans_Installer application to update your existing RBR/RSF installation.

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.49.0 (3,95Mb)

Lacka, Mika-n and the testing team from RSF

Plugin update:

Plugin version NGP7: 0.54.5048

What's new in RallySimFans (RSF):
- New: RSFLauncher.Controls.3-2-1 CountdownPause supports optional Handbrake/Pause/Ignition button options to resume from the countdown pause.
- New: RBRControls plugin has a new binding: IGNITION. Now you can map a secondary button to ignition control.
- New: NGP 7.3.776.500 plugin version (by WorkerBee). See below for more details.
- Improved. Unofficial "test BTB stages" with a fixed mapID value. A btb track.ini file can have MapID option (the unofficial btb MapID value should be >=50000, for example MapID=64100).
- Fix: RBRControls connects to joysticks now faster after RBR bootup (thanks to Detegr for diagnosing this issue on some joysticks).
- Fix: RBRControls recognizes now all buttons in MadCatz ButtonPad (thanks to Durandom for helping to diagnose and fixing the issue).
- Fix: FreezeFrame feature fixed (once again particles are frozen also).
- Fix: RSFLauncher.Controls.FFBDeadzone and FFBDeadzoneThreshold scaling bug fix when RSFLauncher app was re-opened.
- Fix: Other bug fixes here and there as usual.

New maps:
- 502 Savopohja (by Henri Pellinen). Lately we have had many new tarmac and gravel stages, but now when the summer is just around the corner a new snow stage is a cool experience.
- 294 Rozmital 96 I (by Mato22). All of you know the name Mato22. He has been busy creating stages over the years. This time slightly different experience of Zaton stage with another stage name.
- 295 Rozmital 96 II (by Mato22). Reverse of Rozmital 96.

Updated maps:
- 484 Vacarisses SS2 (by Vicenç Caihuelas) Physics and collision tweaks and fixes. See for more information how to support Vicenç's work.
- 476-477 La Mussara Shakedown 1 & 2 (by Trasky) tracksettings fixes.

NGP plugin version 7.3.776.500 (by WorkerBee):
- more tolerant starter logic to address faulty hardware causing accidental activation mid-stage.

Please visit website to find the latest RallySimFans_Installer application to update your existing RBR/RSF installation.

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.48.0 (3,69Mb)

Lacka, Mika-n and the testing team from RSF

Plugin update:

Plugin version NGP7: 0.54.5046

What's new in RallySimFans (RSF):
- This release is mainly a hotfix release to various RBR crash, timer and stuttering issues.

- New: When creating a new RBR profile, any profile name unlocks all vanilla RBR cars and stages (ie. no need to use the MULLIGATAWNY cheat name). If you want to rename an existing RBR profile then you can do it via RBR main menu options/plugins/NGPCarMenu/RenameProfile option.

- Fixed: RSF and OpenRBRVR integration improvements.
- Fixed: A car (RSFLauncher.MyCars override values per car) specific settings are now properly restored after a replay also.
- Fixed: RSFLauncher car SkinManager handles now properly special characters within a car model file (Mitsubish Evo IX, Skoda Fabia S2000 and Renault Twingo had these issues). However, try to avoid special characters in a skin folder and filenames to avoid random issues.
- Fixed: Non-English RBR language and the "IGNITION control key not set" warning message no longer crash RBR. Remember, nowadays you need to bind the IGNITION control key to start an engine.
- Fixed: 3-2-1 Countdown Pause fix in VR mode.

- New NGP 7.3.775.497 version by WorkerBee. See below for more details.
- New OpenRBRVR 0.7.5 version by Detegr/TorttuP. See below for more details.

- Carparts: Trabant and Wartburg (see RSFLauncher.MyCars) car part updates by AleksiP.
- RBRHUD: Huyundai i20 R5 model fixes by AleksiP.

- Updated Portugese translation (by Ricardo V. Soares, MiguelBernardo7).

NGP 7.3.775.497 (2024-03-07) by WorkerBee:
- Fixed race timer issues.
- Fixed shifting issues.
- New data item utcSystemTime in file telemetry.

OpenRBRVR 0.7.5 by Detegr/TorttuP:
- Fix a bug where the plugin would not launch if openRBRVR.ini was missing.
- Add a note for installing OpenXR-Vk-D3D12 if OpenXR initialization failed because it was missing.

Please visit website to find the latest RallySimFans_Installer application to update your existing RBR/RSF installation.

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.47.1 (3,68Mb)

Lacka, Mika-n and the testing team from RSF

Plugin update:

Plugin version NGP7: 0.54.5045

What's new in RallySimFans (RSF):
- New: Practice/StartStage menu line has now additional options: Random car, Random stage and Random car+stage options (use left/right arrow keys to select the option).
- New: A brand new "Import skin" in RSFLauncher.MyCars. Installation of a custom RBR car skin pack has never been this easy. Just download your favorite RBR car skins (a zip/rar/7z archive file) from various RBR livery/skin web pages, click the "Import skin" button and select the downloaded zip/rar/7z skinpack file and be surprised.
- New: The in-game Stage and Car menu now remembers the latest selection when you re-open a stage subfolder (ENTER key in Stage and Car menu lines).
- New: The Stage and Car menu supports keyboard shortcuts to select a stage or car. If you press "H" then it jumps to stages starting with letter H. If you keep on pressing "A" and "R" keys within few seconds then the menu selection jumps to stages starting with "Har" search keyword. This works both in the Stage and Car main menu selection line and in subfolder views.

- New: NGP 7.3.774.488 (by WorkerBee) physics version with multicore, engine starter and particle effect improvements (see below for more details).
- New: With the latest NGP version you now need to bind the RBR IGNITION control key to start an engine. If IGNITION RBR control key is not set then you'll see a warning message at the start line.

- New: OpenRBRVR 0.7.4 (by TorttuP aka Detegr) with several improvements and fixes (see below for more details).
- New: Various openRBRVR integration improvements in RSFLauncher and RSF in-game plugin.

- New: RBRHUD (by Towerbrah) with rendering and performance fixes (see below for more details).
- New: RBRHUD. Believe it or not, but there are now 95/98 NGP7 cars with a fully working in-car 3D live dashboards! Amazing job from the RBRHUD task force and RBR community knowing few months ago we had none, zero, nada. But, we still need your help to test, comment and improve those RBRHUD gauges or even creating those last missing gauges.

- New: SkinManager.Carparts. 96/98 NGP7 customizable cars in RSFLauncher.MyCars.SkinManager.Carparts! Few months ago it was a single digit number. Amazing if I may say so. You want a safari bumber and lights? Mudflaps? Extra lights on the hood? Now you can unleash your creativity and actually use those components a car modeller spent weeks to create yet no one knew about those until now. It is just fair there is now an easy way to use those carparts a car modeller has created for all of us.

- Improved: Stage and Car menu selection line now uses alphabetical name ordering when using left/right arrow keys to choose the next or previous item (it used to be a map ID numerical ordering, but for a user it was confusing ordering).
- Improved: The car preview image in the in-game RSF plugin is now linked to the selected skin in RSFLauncher.MyCars page.
- Improved: RSFLauncher.MyCars has various improvements in a skin and carpart selections and deletion.
- Improved: RSFLauncher.MyCars.SkinManager and a skin specific metadata.ini file has a new URL option to let people easily find the original download and RBR blog page. If you are a skin author then please see cars\Fiesta_rally3\skins and cars\Peugeot__208_Rally4\skins folders for an example of RSF SkinManager file structure, metadata file content and preview images. You can include this kind of metadata.ini and readme.txt files in a skin zip/rar/7z file and the new "Import Skin" imports those files to show more details about the skin package.
- Improved: RSFLauncher has new options and few other improvements to set OpenRBRVR options.
- Improved: By default legacy RBR gaming modes QuickRally/RallySeason/RallyChallenge are hidden in the RBR main menu because those don't work unless NGP7 cars are installed manually into car slots 0..7. You can set RSF to show these legacy gaming modes by setting rallysimfans.ini [drive"> show_legacy_gamemodes=true option or by unticking "Show RSF in main menu" option in RSFLauncher app. This was done to avoid new people asking why they cannot shift past 1st and reverse gears when they try to use those legacy gaming modes with incompatible cars.
- Improved: DgVDX11/DX12 graphics driver updated to the latest version (DgVoodoo).
- Improved: Certain car models have bugs in the model configuration files. Many of those fixes are already set in car models downloaded by the RSF in-game plugin, but if people use a 3rd party external tools to download car models or install an older car skin then those fixes may not be there. Now RSF detects these outdated car configurations and fixes those on the fly.

- Fixed: Cut monitoring fixes in multilap stages (ie. a stage going over and over again the same route).
- Fixed: Particle crash issue in scenarios where a particle file was not found.
- Fixed: Other smaller fixes here and there as usual.

- Updated RSFLauncher Spanish (by Egoitz Yuste) and Polish (by Król Alfons Kotojad Alf II) translations. Thank you.

New maps:
- Sourkov and Sourkov II (by Montek Motorsport team). Czech and a gravel stage? Montekland proves this combination is possible, at least in Montekland realm. We are sure all drives are very grateful of this parallel realm.
- Jirkovicky and Jirkovicky II (by Montek Motorsport team). Also these classic mixed gravel+tarmac stages are now finally in RSF also.
- Sumburk (by Roman "Pyros" Barta). Another classic tarmac stage finally available for the userbase in RSF also. Big big thanks to Pyros.
- Sosnova and Sosnova 2010 (by Roman "Pyros" Barta). Pyros was busy in 2008-2010 and he created all these wonderful stages.
- Myhinpää 2023 (by M. Virtanen, Mik78). A gravel stage and Finland? It is not a surprise for anyone, but yet this one does surprise us all. First of all, after you drive this one you'll know why so many IRL drivers think this stage is in top5 legendary gravel stages. Another surprise is the track format. Out of blue sky all in a sudden Mik78 re-releases a BTB stage in the superior RBR Blender track format. Now VR drivers can also feel all those jumps with a good framerate. Big thanks to Aesthetic_sofa also for his help with this new version.

Updated maps:
- Lucéram-Col Saint-Roch restructured to improve load time.

NGP 7.3.774 (2024-02-20) by WorkerBee:
- multicore physics.
- fixed starter code (remember to map IGNITION control key in RBR options/Controls/ControlSetup control binding screen!).
- fixed handling of occasionally missed special pace notes (Start, Split, Finish, End Of Track).
- fixed particle system, size of particles.

OpenRBRVR 0.7.4 by Detegr/TorttuP (cumulative fix list since the 0.4.5 version):
- Implement OpenXR support.
- Implement per-stage supersampling.
- Change config file format from ini to toml.
- Add "World scale" setting for OpenXR.
- Allow horizon locking in replays.
- Make the amount of correction that lock to horizon applies adjustable.
- To avoid horizon locked camera pointing backwards, the camera now turns 180 degrees if the car's pitch increases/decreases 90 degrees or more.
- Report more accurate FPS in the FPS debug mode.
- Render the desktop window with the desktop window's aspect ratio.
- Add adjustment menu and settings for the desktop window viewport.
- Add a way to render the desktop view using 2D camera. This can be for example used to set a seat position for a co-driver to play using the desktop window while the driver plays in VR.
- Add overlay adjustment menu. Show overlay borders while driving when debug mode is active for easier adjustment.
- SteamVR: Improve concurrent Vulkan queue usage.
- Change internal GPU synchronization logic.
- Fix a rare rendering issue where certain effects were rendered differently in different eyes. For example Mitterbach Tarmac at night.
- Fix intermittent recentering issues happening with Reverb in OpenXR mode.
- Fix a crash that occurred when running openRBRVR without a VR headset.
- Fix a crash when using SteamVR with Reshade.
- Fix strange floating shadows on BTB stages.
- Fix a bug where the co-driver mode did not work if "Render pre-stage in 3D" option was active.
- Fix Call For Help camera being a wrong one in the co-driver mode.
- Fix replays being always stuck to co-driver camera if the co-driver mode was active.
- Fix incorrect rendering of broken windshield texture.

RBRHUD by Towerbrah:
- Fixed a rendering issue when using cubic env maps in some areas.
- New gauges: Mitsubishi Evo IX by Mashironn.
- Updated gauges:
-- Renault Twingo by Cubits.
-- Citroen DS3 R1/R3 by PeterB/Cubits.
-- Skoda Fabia R5 Evo by KaRally75.
-- And tons of improvements in several cars by AleksiP.

- AleksiP created dozens and dozens of new metadata definitions for cars with a customizable parts. He created far too many carsparts to be listed here car by car. 98/98 NGP7 cars is the total magic number at the moment and it speaks for itself.
- Mashironn, Cubits, PeterB, Towerbrah, KaRally75, Mohmot, ThePlayerOne, WB and mika-n did help with handful of cars. Thank you.
- Big thanks to Tomsmalley for his help analyzing customizable car parts.

Please visit website to find the latest RallySimFans_Installer application to update your existing RBR/RSF installation.

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.47.0 (3,68Mb)

Lacka, Mika-n and the testing team from RSF

Plugin update:

Plugin version NGP7: 0.54.5044

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- New: Zlin city stage (by Jan Kaderabek) available for everyone in practice, hotlap and online races and updates on the stage. Big thanks to Jan ( and all of you who supported the creation process of Zlin all these years Jan has been working on it. Please read below for more details.
- Improvement: openRBRVR (by Antti Keränen) virtual reality plugin update with several new improvements and bug fixes. Please read below for more details.
- Improvement: RSFLauncher.MyCars.SkinManager improvements (by WB) and dozens of new "car body part configuration" definitions (sample_car_skins installation package). Please read below for more details.
- Fixes: RBRControls and RSF plugin fixes here and there as usual.

- Updated stage:
- Zlin SS1 (by Jan Kaderábek)
The new 9km version of Zlin (3 laps) with weather and replay improvements.
The map is now allowed in practice, hotlap and online racing for everyone.
The special content purchased by supporters is now added alongside the road (banners, custom characters, flags).
The new tracksettings weather options enabled in a stage selection screen (wet/rain/bad weather).
If user has a custom pacenote file for the old 3km version then those MyPaceNote note files are ignored automagically. The stage fallbacks to use default notes. A driver needs to re-create custom notes for this stage because those old notes don't match all corners anymore.

- Vesikkola (by Henri Pellinen):
Updated particle effects to make it less distracting in a cockpit view.

- Saalahti (by RALLY Guru):
Updated default pacenotes and a wet physic and weather options.

- openRBRVR v0.4.5 (by Antti Keränen):
0.4.5 - Fix tracking lag that occurred for some Oculus users.
0.4.5 - Fix particle rendering issue where too much of the particles were visible inside the car cockpit. Thanks to mika-n for the help tracking down where particle rendering happens.
0.4.4 - Changes to potentially improve the stability of the plugin.
0.4.4 - Fix black opaque square being rendered in front of the car in external cameras if "render car shadows" was active.
0.4.3 - Combine previous cockpit rendering detection logics. They both have issues with certain cars so both are now used to minimize car rendering issues.
0.4.3 - Fix a logic bug with "Always call Present" debug option that rendered it useless.

Please note! Sometimes you may have to do "toggle VR off/on" after an update in RSFLauncher app to make sure files are properly in place if you have both openRBRVR and the classic RBRVR plugins installed.
Also, thanks to Caiusbaro (French) and RadstaR (Czech) for translating the openRBRVR documentation file.

- New and updated RSFLauncher.MyCars.SkinManager - Car body part configurations:
By AleksiP: Lada VFTS, Ford Focus WRC (2006), Open Adam R2, Skoda Favorit, Toyota Yaris WRC, Renault Clio R3, Renault Clio4 R3T, Renault ClioV Rally4, Renault Twingo R1, Renault Twingo R2, Renault Clio Williams, VW Golf (1986), Citroen DS3 R1, Citroen DS3 R3, Citroen C2 S1600, Citroen C2 R2, Subaru Impreza N14, Peugeot 208 R2, Seat Leon Cupra, Fiat 500 Abarth, Peugeot 106.
By mika-n: Ford Escort MK2

Attention attention. RBR wants you! Voluntary work available. Please take a look at skin and body part configuration options in for example cars/Fiesta_Rally3/carparts and skins folders and cars/PEUGEOT_208_Rally4/carparts folders. There you can see how to define car body part INI options and preview images for the RSFLauncher.MyCars.SkinManager. This is a great chance to improve your favorite cars even further. Often many car models come with random set of INI files for certain configuration options, but not in a structured format. This makes it difficult for less experienced RBR users to apply those model options. It would be great if you could help to turn those random INI files as a structured carpart configuration option(s). Then those options would be automatically available and shown in RSFLauncher.MyCars.SkinManager GUI for everyone.

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.46.0 (3,62Mb)

Lacka, Mika-n and the testing team from RSF

Plugin update:

Plugin version NGP7: 0.54.5043

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- New: The car selection menu in Online rally now shows favorite cars option also if one or more of your favorite cars are available in the rally.
- New: RaceStatDB database collects local statistics of all offline and online races. This database now keeps track of the setup file you used in a specific race. For now this data is available only for 3rd party plugin developers and not directly for a driver, but at some point there will be a new RSFLauncher page to analyze the own data.
- New: RBRControls has new "VR Reset" and "VR Toggle Debug" binding options (supports both the new openRBRVR and the classic RBRVR plugins).
- New: RSFLauncher.MyCars page has a new SkinManager feature. WB had been working on this feature for some time ago and now the feature is ready to go public. You can easily switch between alternative car skins or even car body parts. More details about this below. Only Ford Fiesta Rally 3, Peugeot 208 Rally 4 and Opel Ascona 400 has example of these, but more cars to follow soon.
- New: RSFLauncher.Screen&Graphics page has new virtual reality options and supports switching between openRBRVR and RBRVR plugins if you have installed both plugins.
- New: RSFLauncher.Controls.AdjustSteeringWheelRotationRange feature now supports several Asetek wheelbases. Thanks to Retep Voit for being a brave beta tester.
- New: RSFLauncher.Plugins page has a new "config" shortcut link to open a plugin specific configuration file in case you want to tweak something under the hood. But, if you are unsure of those additional config file options then be careful to mess with those.
- Fixes: Bug fixes here and there as usual.

There is a new VR king in town. VR used to be taken care of RBRVR plugin. It has served well, but age has started to be shown there. Antti 'TorttuP' Keränen took the challenge and created a brand new VR plugin for RBR to boost VR picture quality, performance and feature set. Here we want to send big thanks to TheIronWolf also for creating a VR plugin for GTR2 racing game. This new openRBRVR plugin shares some of the components TheIronWolf created for GTR2 game. Take your hat off when you see TorttuP and TheIronWolf.

RSF highly recommends all VR users to give a test drive with the new openRBRVR (by Antti Keränen, also known as TorttuP in Discord) vr plugin. You can use RSFLauncher.Screen&Graphics.VirtualReality options to choose between the new openRBRVR and the classic RBRVR plugins. This plugin is still under heavy development, so please join the Rallysimfans Discord and VR channel there to find other people using the plugin. From there you'll find links to openRBRVR specific Discord channel also if you want to discuss in more technical details with the plugin author Antti (TorttuP).

RSFLauncher.MyCars.SkinManager. If you are a skin author then please take a look at Cars/Fiesta_Rally3/skins/ folder as an example of "RBR skin delivery folder structure". If you would publish your new skins using this logic then it would easy for other users to download and install your custom skin packages when users know how to install all skins regardless of the author and still being able to switch between skins and not overwriting existing skins. For now users could extract custom skin packs in skins subfolders and then RSFLauncher SkinManager should see it from there and show as an alternative skin for a car.

RSFLauncher.MyCars.CarParts. A car specific body parts are usually the same for all skins, so Cars/Fiesta_Rally3/carparts/, Cars/Peugeot_208_Rally4/carsparts/ and Cars/Open_Ascona_400/carparts/ type of folder structure will be hopefully introduced for more and more cars by voluntars and RSF team. Here we hope your help. It would be a fanstastic way to contribute to all RBR drivers if you could take your favorite car and to create carparts folder content with proper INI files and preview images. The best solution would be if a car model author could do this already when releasing the car model. Now too often those car parts INI files are just a random collection of manually edited text files or a car model author needs to use time to create a car specific custom application.

There are also new and updated translations: Mashironn (Indonesia).

- New Stages:
- 484 Vacarisses SS2 = Vicenç Caihuelas gives us a Christmas present with a new Spanish tarmac stage. People in Spain should recognize this stage. We remember how one or two years ago Spanish RBR drivers complained "why so few new Spanish stages". Well, Vicenç for sure heard you and everyone else loud and clear. Vacarisses is a twisty tarmac challenge.
- 485 Woliborz-Jodlownik = If you don't know a RBR stage making studio name Baran Tracks (Krzysztof Baran) then after this stage for sure you should mark the name. Year ago Rosciszow-Walim stage was a statement already and this new Woliborz-Jodlownik stage is another solid statement. A fact check: Beauty is on the stage, not just on the beholders eye.
- 487 Vesikkola = It is difficult to surprise a veteran Finnish gravel lover with a surprise stage. Vesikkola (by Henri Pellinen) came out of blue sky and did surprise everyone. Henri Pellinen (hepeeee) gave us all this speedy gravel stage with ups and downs and blind corners. Don't blame us, that's how gravel roads in the middle of nowhere have evolved through out decades in Finland. If you blink at wrong time then pick a tree to crash into.
- 488 Saalahti = A gravel stage from the master himself, RALLY Guru. What could go wrong? Nothing and that's why this one will be a hit (maybe not the best word to say it in RBR). Finnish RBR test drivers are ready to bet RALLY Guru has a secret Finnish rally passport and Sauna at home because this stage feels and looks so realistic.
- 902 Skidpad = A tutorial stage by Nereu Rocha for everyone who wants to learn to create their own RBR stage. "Unofficial" map and RSF Installer app doesn't install it by default. Please see the end of the MAPS list in RallySimFans_Installer app to install "902 Skidpad" stage. After the installation make sure to read the Readme file in maps\902-Skidpad folder to find a link to a tutorial video series about RBR stage making in Blender tool. See the video list in

- RBRHUD by Towerbrah
- Fixed an issue where RBRHUD would partially or fully disappear during replays.
- Gauge Updates:
- Some gauges were downscaled to lower FPS impact.
- Various fixes, tweaks and improvements done to a number of gauges
- New gauges:
- Lancer EVO X by KaRally
- BMW M1 by Cubits
- Escort mk2 by Mashiroon, PeterB
- i20 wrc21 by voc
- Citroen C3 WRC17 by Fast Burno
- Polo R5 by Fast Burno
- Fabia R5 2018 by Mashiroon

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.45.0 (3,61Mb)

Lacka, Mika-n and the testing team from RSF

Plugin update:

Plugin version NGP7: 0.54.5042

- RSF and NGPCarMenu plugin updates (Lacka, Mika-n)
- New: Improved NGP plugin version (by WorkerBee). See below for more details.
- New: New options in RSFLauncher.Controls ("Parallel Controller Input Rate" and "Parallel FFB Effects Rate") to configure new controller rate features of NGP plugin (input and FFB rate).
- Improved: RallySimFans installer tries to update itself automatically if an old version is detected.
- Fixes: Bug fixes here and there as usual.

NGP plugin version 7.2.773.479 (by WorkerBee):
- Input and FFB rate configurable (maximum 1000 hz).

If a steering wheel doesn't work (delays, control inputs lost) or RBR stutters occasionally then those new options in NGP plugin (see "parallel input rate" and "parallel FFB effects" options in RSFLauncher.Controls page) may help to workaround those issues. Lower the Parallel FFB rate value until FFB effects are still good enough and the steering wheel seems to respond normally. You can also set a lower parallel input rate value. If a steering wheel works OK then you don't have touch these options, otherwise try values between 400 and 1000 hz. We would appreciate if you could post your "good and proven" values in RSF Discord channel if a certain steering wheel required tweaks to these options.

Updated translations. Portuguese (Ricardo Soares, MiguelBernardo7), Czech (JordanT), Hungarian, Greek (Haris Gavalas), Finnish.

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.44.8 (3,59Mb)

Lacka, Mika-n and the testing team from RSF

Plugin update:

Plugin version NGP7: 0.54.5041

- New: NGP772 (by WorkerBee) physics version and plugin updates (see below for more details).
- Fixed: Other small bug fixes in RSF here and there as usual.
NGP plugin version 7.2.772.478 (by WorkerBee):
- separate input and FFB handling
- support sequential and h-pattern shifting

Download: Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.44.3 (5,93Mb)

Lacka, Mika-n and the testing team from RSF

The beginning:
The crew decided to develop their own plugin for Richard Burns Rally.
This plugin will feature several gaming modes for RBR like Hotlapping, Online Rally, Real-Time Rally and Testing/Practice mode. This is a grandious plan and we will inform the RBR fans here about the new features and versions of the " plugin".
Download Plugin
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