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Blind Rally Cup '23

 Blind Rally Cup '23
Organizers: BlindRallyCup
Blind Rally CUP '23 is a rally season for Historic, Front Wheel Drive and 4Wheel Drive cars. Season includes 10 rallies of which two worst finishes will be removed from points after the season. Join RBR Discord for information!

Rally info
BRC #23 Round #10 Coromandel Park Rally
Description:Final round of the championship in New Zealand.
Damage Level:realistic
Number of Legs:1
Pacenotes options:No pacenote symbols and audio
Started/Finished:126 / 25
Physics version:NGP7
Distance:38.8 km
Car Groups:Group 2, Group 4, Group A5, Group A7, Group A8, Group N4, Group R1, Group R2, Group R3, Group R4
Leg 1:2023-11-20 23:59:00 - 2023-11-27 23:59:00
In Game:
# Stage name Distance Surface Weather Tyre/setup choice Set tyre
Leg 1
1SS1---Dry (Normal)Morning Hazy LightCloudyes/yesGravel Dry
  Road side service - 3 minutes
2SS2---Dry (New)Morning Crisp Clearno/noKeep previous
  Road side service - 3 minutes
3SS3---Dry (New)Morning Crisp Clearno/noKeep previous
  Service Park - 30 minutes - 3 Proficient mechanic
4SS4---Dry (New)Morning Crisp Clearyes/yesKeep previous
  Road side service - 3 minutes
5SS5---Dry (Normal)Morning Hazy LightCloudno/noKeep previous
  Road side service - 3 minutes
6SS6---Dry (New)Morning Crisp Clearno/noKeep previous
Leg 1 Total Distance38.8 km
 webmaster| Plugin version NGP7: 0.54.5042| Plugin version NGP5: 0.47.2030| Plugin version: 0.47.1979Betöltési idő: 0.084 másodperc