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Rallysimfans.hu plugin news  

New cars in the WRC in 2011 - category: Volkswagen Polo R WRC
Other provider of car category is upgraded from physics that affects the engine and the tires.


New category available in rallysimfans.hu plugin: group A6.
Two Previously car got to relocation:
- Lada Samara (physics update: Keke).
- Lada Kalina (physics update: Keke).

And two new car coming too A6 group:
- Honda Civic EK4 VTI beta (3dModel: atiwrc, physics: Keke & Kézifékes Laci, skin: Remihuey & Keke).
- Skoda Felicia KitCar (3dModel: Mokumoku, physics: Keke & Kézifékes Laci, skin: Remihuey & Keke).

Thanks: CSEKO Arpad, lacka6, rallyfenegyerek, Tibi.


New WRC cars in WRC 2000-2003 category.

-Citroen Xsara WRC
-Hyundai Accent WRC Evo3
-Peugeot 206 WRC 2003
-Subaru Impreza S6 WRC 2000
-Subaru Impreza S9 WRC 2003
-Toyota Corolla WRC

3d model change in WRC 2000-2003 category:
-Skoda Fabia WRC 2003

3d model change in WRC 2004-2010 category:
-Citroen Xsara WRC 2005

Physics (aside from some position of parts) not changed.

Thanks: Remihuey, Birgés István, pipee, Finkoo, Marvik, atiwrc

Damaged parts position is fixed in 44 car's physics.

Thanks Kezifekes Laci!

Rallysimfans RBR 2014 v1.1 update (150Mb)
v1.1 (03-02-2014):
New Tracks:
-Hyppyjulma I gravel+tarmac (by Mato22)
-Hyppyjulma II gravel+tarmac (by Mato22)
-Northumbria v1.1 (by Eno72)
-Northumbria Tarmac v1.1 (by Eno72)
-Fix Sardian Night

Rallysimfans RBR 2014 v1.1 update

Have fun!

Rallysimfans RBR 2014 v1.0
The installer consists of three files
Rallysimfans RBR 2014 v1.0 (538kb)
Rallysimfans RBR 2014 v1.0-1a.bin (1,45 Gb)
Rallysimfans RBR 2014 v1.0-1b.bin (778 Mb)
Installs the Rallysimfans RBR 2014 v1.0.exe to start.

Rallysimfans RBR 2014 v1.0

v1.0 (29.01.2014):
- Official patch v1.02
- Rallysimfans plugin
- Fixup plugin v1.13
- Profile for opening basic cars/slots
- Latest tracks
- NEW advertising plates
- NEW loading screens
- NEW timer logo
- NEW marshal and media vests
- NEW rescue helicopter
- Improved water texture
- Improved exhaust fire texture
- The installer moves the unnecessary files into the backups folder
- The installer terminate the write-protection for correct operation
- Win7/Vista users: The installer sets the "Administrator" and the "Windows XP SP3" compatibility for correct operation
- Win7/Vista users: Option in the installer for switch off the "(UAC)" for correct operation

Rallysimfans RBR 2014 v1.0

Have fun!

Plugin update:
- When loading stage name display

Rallysimfans RBR 2012 v1.4
v1.4 (2013-09-10):
- FixUp plugin v1.13
- New track:
Loch Ard
Loch Ard 2
Peyregrosse Mandagout
Rally School Czech II
SS Daniel Bonara
Courcelle Val d'Esnoms
- Update:
Liptakov 1
Liptakov 2
Rally School Czech v1.1
Versme Rallycross v1.6

Rallysimfans RBR 2012 v1.4

Have fun!

Fixed 2107 and VFTS bug. (The wheels were disappear, if you hit them)

Thanks Kezifekes Laci

On Monday (April 8.) evening the plugin recieves an update involving track physics.
In order to avoid problems, we ask the tournament organizers to not start a new round before the update!

Rallysimfans RBR 2012 v1.2
v1.2 (2013-03-21):
- Update: Bergheim v1.1
- FixUp plugin v1.10

- NEW stages:
Akagi 2: 3,4 km
Sweet Lamb 2: 5,1 km
Sieversdorf v1.1: 7,9 km
Bruchsal Unteröwisheim: 8,3 km
- NEW Czech stages:
Stryckovy-Zadni Porici: 6,9 km
Osli-Stryckovy: 10,6 km
Hradek 1: 5,9 km
Hradek 2: 5,9 km
Liptakov 1: 5,9 km
Liptakov 2: 5,8 km
Rally School Czech: 2,9 km

Rallysimfans RBR 2012 v1.2
The beginning:
The rallysimfans.hu crew decided to develop their own plugin for Richard Burns Rally.
This plugin will feature several gaming modes for RBR like Hotlapping, Online Rally, Real-Time Rally and Testing/Practice mode. This is a grandious plan and we will inform the RBR fans here about the new features and versions of the "rallysimfans.hu plugin".
Rallysimfans.hu Plugin (Extract in RBR directory)  
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