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Driver Comments

Elküldve: 2008 vas. jan. 20 12:11
Szerző: FOG-TinTops
Where can we read them?

Re: Driver Comments

Elküldve: 2008 vas. jan. 20 12:51
Szerző: sebgutkopf
FOG-TinTops @ Vas. Jan. 20, 2008 12:11 pm írta:Where can we read them?
you can read it where you can see the rally results. Go to rally list:

and click to the clock. First you will see the final standing but you can see the times of every stage, where the comment is marked with a "c". Click to this and you will see the comment.
(for example: http://www.rbr.rallysimfans.hu/rally_re ... stage_no=1 here you can click for comments)

When a rally is finished then you can see all stage time, but till the rally is sill open, you can see only time differences.

Elküldve: 2008 kedd jan. 22 12:37
Szerző: FOG-TinTops
I needed to clean my glasses maybe Seb, thanks again I'm such a noob sometimes :oops:

Elküldve: 2008 kedd feb. 19 09:00
Szerző: FOG>DMz
:lol: :rally2: :beer: