Help on WROC 2019 Championship

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Help on WROC 2019 Championship

Hozzászólás Szerző: Martin_c » 2019 vas. máj. 19 02:17

Help on WROC 2019 Championship!
I was running the date of the WROC 2019 Championship "COPEC RALLY CHILE" at the end of the third stage (in second position at the moment in the WRC2) and suddenly the game jump to the desk!
The previous date (Argentina) happened to me exactly the same thing but at the beginning of the first stage.
The truth is very strange, since it is in the only championship that happens to me. In the others it never happened to me. I do not know if it's chance or bad luck.
Did someone happen to him the same? Has anyone an idea that could be happening?
From already thank you very much. Best regards Martin.

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Re: Help on WROC 2019 Championship

Hozzászólás Szerző: DIACONESCU Remus » 2019 kedd máj. 21 11:29

exact happened to me last rally stage i have 50 m to finish stage and rally..and crash to desktop.when i was to place 2 on rally...very strange !!!!!!

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