Rallysimfans plugin technical question

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Rallysimfans plugin technical question

Hozzászólás Szerző: LUCZAK Pawel » 2012 pén. feb. 24 09:30

I've written a nice co-driver app used by E-RAJDY.PL in their on-line champs on the Czech plug-in.

I would like to adapt it to allow me to play with my pace notes using Rallysimfans plug-in.

My main problem is that my application reads the track slot and this way decides which notes should be used. Rallysimfans plug-in uses same slot for some tracks - this causes my app to work incorrectly.

Is there any Rallysimfans.hu developer willing to assist me with solving my issue?

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Re: Rallysimfans plugin technical question

Hozzászólás Szerző: Laller » 2012 pén. feb. 24 10:11

Do you need to contact Retkes Peter. He is the simfans plugin lead developer. Send him a private message and he will help to you I'm sure.
Peter's profile: http://rallysimfans.hu/forum/memberlist ... ofile&u=90

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