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van Merksteijn Motorsports

Elküldve: 2008 szer. aug. 13 21:21
Szerző: Kukel
Hi everybody

Iam finaly back and get the plugin also worked now.

We from Holland have a team van Merksteijn Motorsports from next year they wanne go drive as a manufacture team in the WRC. There are many speculation's here in Holland about this. This is also the FIRST privat team that have the Focus 07 WRC.

Link to van Mersteijn Motorsports website



Now is my question i wanne run the team also for rbr as manufacture team for this and next season? I will run the team as manager.

The real van Merksteijn Motorsports have driven the Rally from sweden, Italie, Finland, the future rally's are Deutscland ,Spain and GB

I will be proub to present them in RBRChamp and hoping everybody is voting yes :D

Greets Werner Van Kuyk

Elküldve: 2008 pén. aug. 15 16:21
Szerző: Kukel
Sebgutkopf had accepted the team for RBRChamp

Thank You very very much for that Sebbi :D :respect: :respect:

Now we from van Mersteijn Motorsports need 2 good drivers. i dont want the fastest drivers. what i want drivers that can bring the car to the finisch.

So if somebody is interested PM me? or let is now @ www.mijnrally.nl/forum

Elküldve: 2008 pén. aug. 15 16:32
Szerző: Kukel
i have make a test on tarmac for all drivers that wanne enter the team

The test is only on tarmac for next rally i keep it easy only dry surface

Rallyname: van Merksteijn Motorsports
Car: Ford Focus WRC06
Pasword: test

the fastest driver that reaching the finisch can enter the team for Rally Deutschland

Elküldve: 2008 pén. aug. 15 17:28
Szerző: Kukel
i have just driven the test. now it's your turn :rally2:

Elküldve: 2008 vas. aug. 17 12:25
Szerző: Rene Smit
2nd :(

Elküldve: 2008 vas. aug. 17 18:47
Szerző: Kukel
I have founded my second driver. It's the maker from the van Merksteijn Motorsports skin Thomas Kramer

Iam proud the present his car :lol:


Elküldve: 2008 vas. aug. 17 18:58
Szerző: Rene Smit
But he hasn't driven the test rally :)

Elküldve: 2008 vas. aug. 17 19:08
Szerző: Kukel
Bud is the maker from the skin i have :respect3: for his work

Elküldve: 2008 szer. aug. 20 21:43
Szerző: Kukel
Iam proud te release the Official van Merksteijn Motorsports Skin for RBRChamp2008 ADAC Deutschland Rally


Download the van Merksteijn Motorsports Kuyk version


Download the van Merksteijn Motorsports Kramer version


Download the van Merksteijn Motorsports v/d Poll version

NEED TO REGISTER @ www.mijnrally.nl/forum to download the skins

spacial thanks to Niels v/d Poll for his id for the picture