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Elküldve: 2008 hétf. feb. 11 18:58
Szerző: Dennis Hernehult
Bozian peugeot searching for 2 fast drivers. One driver has change team and the other driver is inactive.
pm if intrested!

Elküldve: 2008 pén. feb. 15 11:22
Szerző: Dennis Hernehult
Bozian Peugeot have a brand new team now! After a few problems I chose 2 drivers that I know well and they are two topp drivers from Sweden. The team are now: Dennis Hernehult, Kenneth Emanuelsson and Peter Sandberg. Beware now becouse its our home rally ;)

Reguards Bozian Peugeot


Elküldve: 2008 pén. feb. 29 17:18
Szerző: ciropeon
Hi All :)

First Motorsport Skoda Team announces that Lukas Utrata has left the team, so a seat is available.

Additional info about how the team is going to sign up a new driver will be posted in this forum.


Ciro Peón
First Motorsports Skoda Team Manager

Fast Driver Wanted

Elküldve: 2008 kedd márc. 11 13:47
Szerző: ciropeon
Hi all :)

First Motorsport Skoda WRC Team is looking for a fast and reliable driver for the rest of the seasson.

A rally will be created and the winner of the rally will join the team. :rally:


Ciro Peón
First Motorsport Skoda Team Manager

Elküldve: 2008 hétf. máj. 12 01:54
Szerző: Dennis Hernehult
Bozian Peugeot have lost a fast driver and we are looking for a new fast driver. It is the car peugeot307 2006 who will be driven!!
pm here or send mail whit info like records!

Elküldve: 2008 kedd máj. 13 09:58
Szerző: Agrakos
The Subaru World Rally Team is looking for a new team boss!

Please, send me a private message, when you are interested!

Elküldve: 2008 szomb. máj. 24 22:04
Szerző: marcus van ringen
Stobart is looking for a new manager, please contact by pm

Elküldve: 2008 szomb. aug. 16 18:14
Szerző: Kukel
Iam happy to present you van Merksteijn Motorsports

Now we are Searching for two fast and constant Drivers if you are interested PM me or look @ www.mijnrally.nl

I have also created a test rally for the interested drivers you can find the test @ Rallysimfans Plugin under van Merksteijn Motorsports. The fastest and constanted drivers can enter the team

Elküldve: 2008 hétf. aug. 18 19:47
Szerző: Kukel
Iam proud to present you the Drivers from van Merksteijn Motorsports.

Werner Van Kuyk.
Thomas Kramer.
Niels van de Poll.

These driver's wil representing van Merksteijn Motorsports in the ADAC Deutschland Rally 2008 next weekend.

Elküldve: 2008 hétf. szept. 08 20:41
Szerző: Kukel
Van Mersteijn Motorsports have lost a fast driver and we are looking for a new fast driver. The car is the Ford Focus WRC06. Who want to drive in this team?? i dont wanne have the fastest drivers bud i need drivers who can bring the car to the finisch of a rally. send me a pm or e-mail me whit info like Stage times rally started an d finisched bud also the rally you not finisched!