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Elküldve: 2008 szer. jan. 02 19:25
Szerző: sebgutkopf
Post here your comments, experience, feelings about rallies or car changes from season 2008 and you can read your comment immediately on RBRchamp main site.

Don't use emotions or text formatting tools, just simply write the post!

Elküldve: 2008 pén. feb. 01 19:33
Szerző: Rolly
Just completed the 1st leg of the Monte Carlo, had some good times (compared to myself), but sadly went off the track in the first run through Cote d'Arborz, and i needed the help of the spectators... I lost 1 minute.
For leg 2 i hope for a similar driving but without the Call for Help.
Maybe with some luck i can steal some points in the category.

By the way i am positively surprised about how many non-Hungarian drivers already have sterted the Rally (This is my first champ, so i lack experience about these things)

I wish all of you the very best of Luck!

Elküldve: 2008 pén. feb. 01 23:16
Szerző: Bitto Zsolt
if somebody change car,need to step out form game
i changed car ,but the setup and wheel not worked on stage musta
+3 min.

sorry my english terrible

Elküldve: 2008 pén. feb. 01 23:27
Szerző: Tommi Hirvela
Day one was good for me. No big mistakes just one spin and couple of moments but that's rallying. Unfortunately Mika went off on SS4 and he had to retire. Akos is not far behind after day one and many fast drivers haven't driven yet, so we will see tommorrow where we are in standings. I must keep pushing very hard for day two and hopefully we will get good result.

Elküldve: 2008 szomb. feb. 02 14:23
Szerző: Renars O
First leg was hard learning curve for me, cause I almost hadn't any practice with rallysimfans physics and rally was bloody hard. I had only one big mistake - spin in joux plane with gravel tyres, but its was only time lost no damage. I hope I will be stronger in second leg :) Well done Tommi and Akos ;) Good luck all.

Elküldve: 2008 szomb. feb. 02 18:55
Szerző: Iceman
Leg1 is completed, it should be better, but I'm under the influense, so this was the maximum for me today. :rolleyes:

On the Leg2 will be a nice battle between me and Rénars. :)

Elküldve: 2008 szomb. feb. 02 21:26
Szerző: sebgutkopf
Day one finished. Hard day and Tommi seems to be incredible fast, but it's good for the team. I climbed some wall on joux plane in the 2nd round on wet tarmac, but otherwise it was ok. I have to watch back to keep Ákos behind.

Elküldve: 2008 szomb. feb. 02 22:55
Szerző: Jorge Ortiz
First day is completed.

Im very happy whit my times, only have one c4h in the last stage.

I could be faster but i didnt know that there was tarmac stage wiht gravel tyres, i thought that we go on whit snow tyres. I havent set up for this condition. Where can i see the stage conditions before the rally????

The plugin works good and in the future would be better.

Good luck all.

Elküldve: 2008 szomb. feb. 02 23:43
Szerző: Rolly
I am very happy that after the 1st day i am 5th amongst the Private WRC drivers.
On the second leg i will try to keep up a good but SAFE speed, because it is not likely i could catch any of the Xsara drivers on the first 4 places, and if i do not make any mistakes, nobody from behind will catch me.
This 5th place is much better then i was hoping for.
I wish everybody the very best of luck for the Second day!

Elküldve: 2008 vas. feb. 03 04:04
Szerző: TommyHamreus
After leg one we are 10th overall and 2.10 after the leader Hirvela. Losing in general 10 sec per stage and more on the two long stages. I hope we can go little faster on leg two but we have no chance against the top drivers. Its a fact that we are not fast enought.

Elküldve: 2008 vas. feb. 03 06:46
Szerző: Rogerio Matos
It was a bad start season for Offroad-Hyundai World Rally Team, as the three Accent WRC retired from Monte Carlo Rally.

Rogério Matos was put off the rally after the firs stage, whit a CTD.
Pedro Rodrigues returned at wheel of the Hyundai after a lot of time without driving the car, and on the stage eight he went off the road and the car died...
Rui Sirgado was the man who had the best exhibiton on the team, but unfortunaly he had mechanicak failre as well on the second leg of the rally. So, the team leave Monte Carlo with 0 points...

Now all the attention is focused on the next rally, where we hope things run better.

Elküldve: 2008 vas. feb. 03 09:43
Szerző: Rolly
Sarted the 2nd leg, then in the 5th or 6th corner in the 1st stage i went a little bit into a snowbank on the inside of the turn, that spinned me around an with aproximately 5km/h i hit a tree...
The engine turned off.
I can't belive this!

Elküldve: 2008 vas. feb. 03 22:48
Szerző: Tommi Hirvela
Its good to finish the rally because it was very difficult conditions with limited tyre choices. Also to fight with Seb and Akos made this rally a nerve breaking too. Seb made incredible times on snow stages, huh. I had to push maximum to the very last stage. Now we will wait the results.

Elküldve: 2008 hétf. feb. 04 14:29
Szerző: joco petkovic
well game crashed for the first time after a long time.
Anyway i'm dissapointes because i expected more competition not only two serious competitors. see you next rally

Elküldve: 2008 hétf. feb. 04 15:19
Szerző: SKROBAN Adrian
1 ss and crash :( the light turned off and rbr crashed

Elküldve: 2008 hétf. feb. 04 17:20
My first S2000 rally completed! Now im just waiting that Antti drives leg2 and finish it.
(there are no manager orders to finish rally :) )
1st rally was really nice and surface/tyre setups was very good. Goodjob simfan guys!!
PS. Great season start for Mortonki Motorsport, even that Jouni doesn`t finish rally. (hopefull that Antti does that)

EDIT: Great job team! 1st & 2nd postion for MORTONKI team!!!

Elküldve: 2008 kedd feb. 05 14:01
Szerző: Amund Hov
Also had to retire due to 'technical' problems. RBR crashed to dekstop halfway through ss1. I think this is only happening with the plugin :frown:

Elküldve: 2008 kedd feb. 05 18:46
Szerző: WROBEL Przemek
Crashed on ss7 :(

Elküldve: 2008 kedd feb. 05 22:08
Szerző: Renars O
Day 2 was much better then day one cause I had more feeling with cars, but still one tricky snowbank made me spin :) Grats to all finishers and thenks to org !!

Elküldve: 2008 pén. feb. 15 20:54
Szerző: Rolly
Just finished day 1 of the Swedish Rally.
No big mistakes, just 1 spin, and some times i hit the snowbanks.
Among the private WRC drivers i am currently 4th, with the 3 incedibly fast Xsaras in front of me. I am waiting for the results of others, to see where i am after the first day, when all the drivers have completed the stages of day one.

Hopefully i will be able to continue the safe but not too slow driving on the 2nd day, and catch some points in the category.

Elküldve: 2008 pén. feb. 15 21:34
Szerző: Erik Persson
I have driven my first RBR-champ ever witout misstakes. I have been trying before but I have always made silly misstakes. But this time I was able to focus the whole way. And I love the s2000 class. The cars siuts me.

Leg1 was good. Nothing exciting to write about. But perhaps my times at the end of the leg are not too good.

Leg two I felt a good tempo in the winter stages. But the three last stages I had to drive very safe. Perhaps to safe? Went wide in two sharp corners near end.

But hopefully I will be able to end up in the points for theese s2000 cars.

Elküldve: 2008 szomb. feb. 16 14:09
Szerző: MMaki
Sweden 1st leg ok, no big mistakes.. just cannot drive as fast as Seb or Akos.. incredible times.

Elküldve: 2008 szomb. feb. 16 17:15
Szerző: Amund Hov
Great fun on the 5 first stages. Didn't make any big mistakes, so I'm happy. Was retired again however due to game crashing on me

Elküldve: 2008 szomb. feb. 16 19:17
Szerző: Darek Balazy
Ehhh Sweden with SnowMod is very hard to drive. :( Here, snow bangs are your main rivals. I was driving to 5th stage and on this track my fiesta S2000 crashed into tree. :confused2:
I'm waiting on Mexico Rally.

Elküldve: 2008 szomb. feb. 16 19:38
Szerző: Bóta Róbert
I crashed on Noiker II at the first day,and it was the end.
I am very bad on snow,I knew,that I can't get a good result here.
I wanted to go up some places on gravel,but it was too fast,and I hit a tree.
I don't know the future,I think I shouldn't drive in a Manufacture Car,but some people encourage me...
I think,I would give up my place,if there would be a good,fast pilot instead of me!

Elküldve: 2008 vas. feb. 17 15:36
Szerző: MMaki
Nice.. RBR crashed before last stage. SHIT.

Elküldve: 2008 vas. feb. 17 15:43
Szerző: Bitto Zsolt
MMaki @ 2008 Vas. Feb. 17 15:36 írta:Nice.. RBR crashed before last stage. SHIT.
sorry ,you drove very fast

Elküldve: 2008 vas. feb. 17 17:29
Szerző: sebgutkopf
The snow stages of the 1st leg was pretty good, but i had a totally wrong setup for wet gravel and i lost my position on the 7-9th stages. I tried to push on the 2nd leg, the snow was ok exept of stage 13. After that the gravel stages bring me some hard moments, but i could finish and i am happy. Now it's the only question what will be my final position.

Elküldve: 2008 hétf. feb. 18 19:24
Uddeholm was really hard race for me, just tryin to get thru, but i crashed at ss12. I hope Antti & Jouni keeps that position in final results and get more points to mortonki motorsport team.

Elküldve: 2008 hétf. feb. 18 19:25
Szerző: Agrakos
On behalf of this topic, i would like to inform Adrian Skroban, that he need to score some manufacturer points in the next event (Mexico), if he would like to drive Subaru WRC 2006 in the future!

Elküldve: 2008 hétf. feb. 18 21:59
Szerző: Rolly
2nd leg was okay, i tried to drive careful, since i knew, that i can't catch the drivers that where drivind ahead of me. They are very-very fast.
I can't match the pace of them

My only concern was about the drivers behind me. I was concentrating on their times, so that they don't get in front of me.
I Managed to hold them behind me.

The last 3 stages where hard, i was never before dirving on Gravel with Snow tires...

Sadly Peter Retkes, and Attila crashed. It seems i am 5th amongst the Private drivers, i am very happy with that result.

Elküldve: 2008 kedd feb. 19 20:36
GJ! Team. Antti takes 10 points and Jouni 3p. for the team :D.
Hope we all Mortonki drivers get points in next event.
Btw, my computer crashed on to desktop in 1st. leg just before noiker2 , but i can resume rally with that awesome feature u have. Big + for Simfans plugin!!!

Elküldve: 2008 pén. márc. 07 15:47
Szerző: Rolly
Finished the Mexico Rally. This was my second start with a S-1600 car, and the first on the World Champ. I am a bit disappointed, altough i had a good speed most of the time, i did 2 mistakes that did cost lots of time. First in the 3rd SS, i went off the road, almost made it back to the road, when the game decided to place me back, i lost 50 seconds here, and then on one of the New Bobs stages i hit the one of the earth mounds on the inside of a corner, and it catapulted me off the road, and i needed help, so i lost another 50 seconds. (1 min and 40 sec overall.)
I am very curious where my times will be in the S-1600, i hope i will be able to catch some points in Mexico. Most likely i will make the whole year with the C2.

Elküldve: 2008 pén. márc. 07 19:51
Szerző: Amund Hov
Set personal records safely during shakdown with outlooks looking good. However I went slightly too fast into a corner in NewBobs after missing a note on the second stage. Was about to recover back onto the road, but brushed into a tree hidden behind the crest. After struggling with technical difficulties in the two prior rallies this was a big disappointment. I would like to thanks the organisers and looking forward to Rally Argentina.

Elküldve: 2008 hétf. márc. 10 17:17
Szerző: Antti Henriksson
In s2000 class we had nice battle going on of place 1 with rallyboy. First leg went Ok for me but got flu in the weekend so leg2 was really difficult to me. Didn´t get hold of rytmh and made loads of mistakes just because couldn´t consentrate enough. Rally ended on Newbobs2 when my rear barely touched a tree and my motor died... sometimes this realistic mode acts a bit weird... Well better luck in next event...

Elküldve: 2008 hétf. márc. 10 19:11
Rally Mexico... NO COMMENTS! :D Maybe next event Mortonki team get thru all stages...

Elküldve: 2008 pén. ápr. 04 11:36
Szerző: Rolly
New Rally, and a new category :) I will try to stay here, in A8 for the rest of the season, with the Celica.
The car is very easy to drive, and it forgives mistakes.
Back to the Rally: On day 1 i tried to fight whit Indian, but he is very fast whith his new G25 steering wheel, and it is not possible for me to catch him with keyboard. Day1 was good, no big mistakes.
On day2 i did not have anybody to fight whit, because i was the first on the stages, i tried to go a good but safe speed.
Well, i think the speed was good, altough i was careful, especialy on Mineshaft, but i made 3 bigger mistakes. On Tanner II i braked too short, and needed to come out of the forest in reverse gear. Then on the next stage (Greenhills) i rolled the car. I think it was 10 rolls. And then on the final mineshaft before the big jump i hit the earth bank on the inside of the corner, and it spinned me around. I was lucky, because i did not fall off the road.
Overall, it was a good Rally, whit some mistakes. I hope to finish in the top5 of the A8 category.

Elküldve: 2008 hétf. máj. 05 20:19
Szerző: Rolly
Nice result again!

Seems like, my cautious speed is rewarding, again a 2nd place in the A8.
I started carefully, and slowly increased my speed. Did not do any big mistakes, altough i rolled the car once.

We had a nice fight with Attila Nagy, in the end i won with 8 seconds, but it was very close.

I want to congratulate Gyalogkakukk, for his win in the A8

I hope i can continue with such nince results on the Acropolis...

Elküldve: 2008 hétf. máj. 26 19:01
Szerző: sebgutkopf
This was a good rally for me and the team. It's sorry that Balázs retired, but the performance of Citroen team was excellent.

Elküldve: 2008 pén. jún. 06 12:19
Szerző: Rolly
Acropolis over for me... Had a really good start, i was fighting with FuReady and MT in the WRCC category, on most of the stages we 3 where within 1 sec. (Thank you guys, i am looking forward for the next Fight with you) But then my mother disturbed me, i lost concentration, and crashed the car at the Sipirkakim bridge. :( I am terribly disappionted, it could have been a great result. My keyboard suffered the accident too, because i smashed it in my anger. Need to buy an other one.

Elküldve: 2008 szomb. jún. 07 19:48
Szerző: Amund Hov
I was very pleased to finally get the technical issues sorted. For the first time I was able to finish a leg, though there weren't any great times obviously. Now I hope to continue the trend and convince some team manager of my consistency :)

It is sad to see so many people retire; I look forward to racing the rest tomorrow.

Elküldve: 2008 szomb. jún. 07 21:38
Szerző: marcus van ringen
And once more I have to retire. I'm really fed up with the Focus06, choosing its grip at will as it seems, I simply can't push with that car. If anyone is interested in being the manager for the Stobart team, please contact me per PM, the 2 other drivers in the team will have first choice

Elküldve: 2008 szer. jún. 25 14:59
Szerző: Rolly
Turkey 2008...

Could have been a good rally...

But thanks to the server problems, and the decision of the organisers, - that i can not aprove - i landed outside the ponits...

I would like to say, that i do not understand the decision, because, the time allowed to complete the 2nd day of the rally could have been set to 29.th of June, and nobody would have a disadvantage.

Not to mention all of us, who worked hard, to make it to the finish line, and not to mention that before the server crash, lots of drivers retired on the 2nd day, who now can score points.
We who made it into the finish, have to suffer.

I can not, and will not aprove this decision, not just on my behalf, but also on behalf, of all the others, who survived until the finish.
Not to mention Stage 15, where the half of the drivers retired.

I would like to petition, that if the lenght of the rally has been decrased by 50% then only half points should be awarded. I think it would be only fair this way, or the second day should be allowd to run this weekend, for all those, who did not started on day2 or retired when the server crashed.

Elküldve: 2008 hétf. aug. 11 21:33
Szerző: Tommi Hirvela
Neste Oil Rally Finland 2008. It's good to be back after summer break and I was very happy to fight for the victory with Bacsko. After 2nd day first stage I went off and lost about 3 seconds, so I had to continue pushing very hard and taking lot of risks trying to catch Bacsko. On last Harwood II stage after big jump I rolled and that was end of my hopes for rally victory. Anyway it was a great rally and good result for Citroen team. Congratulations Bacsko, nice drive!!! Too bad that Sebi retired, but he will be back... :)

Nice drive Marek and Szabolcs!

Elküldve: 2008 hétf. aug. 11 23:51
Szerző: Rolly
Rally Finland...
In real life one of my favorite Rallys, sadly i never hat the chance to be there... Maybe in the coming years.
But to get back to the RBR Champ. I had good hopes for the rally...
Sadly enough on the first day i did not find confidence in the car, i did not find the rythm... So i lost lots of time, i even had a Call4Help on the first Shepherds Shield...

In the end of the 1st day i was 10th amongst the Private WRC drivers, so on the second day i decided to go Maximum Attack.

Had some mistakes on both Harwood stages, that cost me aprox. 20 seconds. But it turned out to be a good fight with Robin Smit. And to be honest i was lucky to win the fight on the last stage. In overall after 20stages i won the fight with Robin by 0.8 seconds. So i wish to thank Robin for the good fight, i hope we will continue the good fight on the next rally. And i want to congratulate Marek for his incredible speed.

Elküldve: 2008 kedd aug. 12 00:56
Szerző: Lámer Zoltán
Tommi Hirvela @ 2008 Hétf. Aug. 11 22:33 írta:Neste Oil Rally Finland 2008. It's good to be back after summer break and I was very happy to fight for the victory with Bacsko. After 2nd day first stage I went off and lost about 3 seconds, so I had to continue pushing very hard and taking lot of risks trying to catch Bacsko. On last Harwood II stage after big jump I rolled and that was end of my hopes for rally victory. Anyway it was a great rally and good result for Citroen team. Congratulations Bacsko, nice drive!!! Too bad that Sebi retired, but he will be back... :)

Nice drive Marek and Szabolcs!
:respect: :respect: :respect:

Elküldve: 2008 kedd aug. 12 07:09
Szerző: Marek_Sepp
Thanks, Rolly!

It felt nice to be back after such a long break for me in RBRChamp, I chose the "good old" Impreza 2003 for this race - a very familiar car for me. Didn't try to push over the limit this time, but the main goal was to finish the rally and it succeeded fortunately. Some stage times were quite nice for this car and I'm happy with my performance. Of course the first 2 guys were from another planet this time, although with newer, but not that much faster cars. I closely watched the fight between BB and Tommi and it was enjoyable for the viewers aswell. Also congrats to Tarmo who helped Estonia to have places 1 and 2 in WRC Classic.

Elküldve: 2008 kedd aug. 12 09:12
Szerző: Lámer Zoltán
I would have liked to fight for the first place very much, but I committed an amateur mistake unfortunately, Chirdonhead in a section's 3. bend, and I was eliminated. Congratulate for everything reaching the goal, primarily BB and Hirvela and Marek Sebb. I make an attempt again nearest ;)

Elküldve: 2008 hétf. aug. 25 16:10
Szerző: Tommi Hirvela
ADAC Rallye Deutschland 2008. 2nd place is very good for me because clearly I was not able to fight for the victory. My pace just wasn't there and Sebi was very fast and consistent too so he deserved the victory. Bacsko made throughout the rally some crazy fast stage times which I think we all have to respect greatly. Also Marek did nice stage times with his original Impreza. Congrats all finishers. -tommi-

Elküldve: 2008 hétf. aug. 25 17:54
Szerző: Marek_Sepp
Congrats to the top 4 guys who all deserve great respect: Sebi and Tommi having huge fight for first place, Bacsko recovering to make loads of best stage times and Tarmo for winning in WRC Classic while being fast and consistent not making big mistakes. It was close - only 1,5 seconds at the end, but it was enough. He's the last season's RBR Estonian League champ by the way - you need to keep an eye on him for the future. There was 1 mistake too many for me this time, the only mistake really I made during 18 stages, but it cost half a minute, so I'm still satisfied with my overall result and 2nd place in WRC Classic.