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Elküldve: 2008 hétf. aug. 25 18:47
Szerző: sebgutkopf
After ther retirement in Finland, i tried to be well focused all the time this rally. At the beginning i was not sure, whether i can be faster then Tommi. It was a great race for the top position. Somitimes i took maybe too much risk and it could be costly for me and the team to loose many points. Anyway i am happy to make this comeback. I enjoyed this and i think the whole Citroen team had a nice performace with Tommi and Balázs.

It was also great to see that Marek drove a nice rally and showd, that an original WRC car is fast also. Grat Marek!

Elküldve: 2008 kedd aug. 26 14:29
Szerző: Tarmo Paavel
For some reason I couldn't find good rythm on leg 2, but still managed to take my maximum out of this rally cause there was absolutely no chance to beat first 3 who were damn fast, great driving. I beleave if there would have been just one more stage then Marek would have beaten me too :) So it wasn't perfect driving, but no big mistakes and the result was very good.

Elküldve: 2008 szomb. szept. 06 18:51
Szerző: Tommi Hirvela
New Zealand rally. Due to crash on shakedown the Citroen team is unable to repair the car because of roll cage damage. This means that I'm unable to take part in this rally. Very dissapointing but this is life. Good luck all for the rally.

Elküldve: 2008 hétf. szept. 08 20:33
Szerző: Kukel
New Zealand Rally. Finaly i have brought the car to the finisch i had some good moment and some scary moments in the rally on the first day i had a spin on SS4 lost problaly 10sec. and SS5 i had a smal roll the car whas going 1time over his roof and back on the wheels lost also 20sec. de second day whas starting very good for me till SS17 a whas slowing down to finisch the car bus that whas not a good idee. i spin and get 1 meter for spectators still and getting de red screen :confused2: lost 45 sec and a bit more whit the spin. after that a whas going to my own pace again and no problem.

Grats To all Finischers :respect: it whas a hard bud good rally

Elküldve: 2008 vas. okt. 12 17:33
Szerző: Attila Szocs
I got chance from S.W.R.T. to driving the Subaru in the last quarter of the season. Thank you for the team!

I'm content with rally of Spain. We are in the goal and going to wait other participants I hope will get some points. In the last stage I started false but anyway I couldn't catch Veli-Matti Leskinen. He pushed very hard in second day and overcomed. Congratulation for him! :up:

Elküldve: 2008 hétf. okt. 13 14:26
Szerző: Veli-Matti Leskinen
We finaly find good setup on tarmac for Ford. Big thanks to Vesa! AWESOME setups!!!

Elküldve: 2008 kedd okt. 21 10:31
Szerző: Marek_Sepp
Corsica was a very good rally for me, almost perfect without any big mistakes. Considering the only practise I had was one run through Cote. In Spain I had huge concentration problems, but this time I started off slowly and then began to push after 3 stages, the tactics worked nicely. Especially the 2nd day was like clockwork, 3 times almost the same time on each stage so I'm very pleased with the result in WRCC and happy to be 4th overall as well.

Elküldve: 2008 kedd okt. 21 17:53
Szerző: sebgutkopf
This time i was more concentrated to the rally and i didn't make big mistakes like in Spain, so i am happy with my result. If i am right i don't need to start in the last 2 event, so it's open who will win in japan and GB.

Elküldve: 2008 szomb. dec. 20 07:32
Szerző: FOG-TinTops
Thanks to Seb + Falcon for another great Champ year, congrats to all the winners for 08.

Special mention to PWRC winners Kozma Rally Team, a close fight for team honors this year to finish within 1 point of each other, well done.