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Elküldve: 2007 szer. jan. 24 22:18
Szerző: ciropeon
Hi all!!

I´m trying to use an EVO IX but i´m not able to enter any tournament. I´ve downloaded the car , installed it successfuly cause it works when i play a single stage, but the problem comes when i try to enter an online tournament (i´ve installed the v 1.02 patch, the czech plugin). Once i enter online races i cannot select the EVO IX ( i can select some other cars such as xsara or subaru). I think that i´ve not installed properly the physics that i found on the czech plugin site.
I would appreciate if any of you could give me some advice about how to solve this problem. How do i have to install the physics?

Thanx and good luck in the champ!!

Elküldve: 2007 szer. jan. 24 23:16
Szerző: Felipe Alfaro
have you downloades the physics for N4 in the czech site?

the folder mitsu evo 9 this files you must put in the physics.rar in the m_lancer... and that is all, is easy but, if you done this thinks i don know who is the problem