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Need help..

Elküldve: 2007 szomb. jan. 20 09:49
Szerző: kenneth ostvold
hello, I have downloaded the Ford Focus WRC 2003 from the pluginsite. the one that says internationaledition. But it doesnt work in the plugin, not even when all the cars is allowed. So where can I download a 03 focus that works?? need it before monte carlo.....

plz post a link

Elküldve: 2007 szomb. jan. 20 16:05
Szerző: kenneth ostvold
when I tried the link it said that the post didnt exist :confused2:

anywhere else I can try?

Elküldve: 2007 szomb. jan. 27 20:56
Szerző: Pasi Karjalainen
problems with profile edit, cant get in!!!

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Elküldve: 2007 vas. jan. 28 13:42
Szerző: Lukas Lach
we all have this problem