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Elküldve: 2007 pén. jan. 12 09:26
Szerző: Paddy Cummins
I didn't see a thread for the shakedown. How are you all getting on with the snowmod and realistic damage? I probably won't be able to drive today but tomorrow I will hopefully get to give it a go.

Elküldve: 2007 pén. jan. 12 13:14
Szerző: Joona Karimaa
I drove it with just default setups. Haven't driven much RBR since Wales rally. But finished it :)

Elküldve: 2007 pén. jan. 12 14:34
Szerző: Maxiaxia
This shake was first experiense at S1600 for me since summer and JWRC-Ru Cup! Many nasty mistakes, not fast times as a result... But I see that i'm rather fast (not so as Marat but...) all I need its eliminate my mistakes and thats all :)
Crash at Joux Verte, my fault!
Must be realistic!!!

PS: I think Marat can win JWRC champ, and Slavs RT at all will be very fast team! :) Hung on europeans! Slavs coming! :rally:

Elküldve: 2007 pén. jan. 12 22:15
Szerző: mcwax
Completed the shakedown, and must say that Realistic is the way to go. Fixgascet works just fine.
Oh, and to team bosses - i'm still up for grabbing :D

Elküldve: 2007 pén. jan. 12 23:58
Szerző: Attila Szocs
In Falstone i had continue freezing i dont know why. Is there any others this problem?

Elküldve: 2007 szomb. jan. 13 15:27
Szerző: Darek Balazy
heh, I didn't think that this snow mod will so change the finland stages. Without any training I went to first stage and on the second corner that I cut, my punto crashed and I couldn't drive next. :D
I'm so dissapointed. I need more practic. :think:
I think that will be anyway one shakedown before Monte... :)