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Elküldve: 2006 szer. nov. 29 14:26
Szerző: Paddy Cummins
I have a question. What physics do the Toyota Corolla drivers use?

Elküldve: 2006 csüt. nov. 30 09:34
Szerző: Paddy Cummins
Ok, I don't think there is any special physics for it anyway.

Elküldve: 2006 pén. dec. 01 10:14
Szerző: sebgutkopf
Werner Van Kuyk @ Csüt. Nov. 30, 2006 1:28 pm írta:@ Sebgutkopf

can you please put our to teams to the team list for 2007.

I wanne stil be director of a Manufacture B team,

ThX Werner
Yes i will,

Just give the team name and which driver is the team director in this 2 teams.
btw you can have 3 drirvers in the team.

Elküldve: 2006 pén. dec. 01 18:57
Szerző: Paddy Cummins
Well, I don't mind what physics we use. Just let me know a final desicion when it is made for our team and anything else I should know.

Elküldve: 2006 pén. dec. 01 19:05
Szerző: sebgutkopf
Werner Van Kuyk @ Pént. Dec. 01, 2006 1:10 pm írta:@ Sebgutkopf

will i be also director of a manufacture team ? so yes which?

than i gonna search some drivers for the cars.

I have already contacted some drivers bud i don't now which team i gonna get. thats the problem that the not signed in to our team.

ThX Werner ( Holland Rally Team Director )
You can't be team director in both team :D The driector have a driver seat itself and it's not allowed to drive the same race in 2 differenct categoryes.

Ohhh the short name HRT tricked me. Previously there was a Hungarian Racing Team and i didn't undersand this short name now. :lol:
I am a litle :bolond: today d3

Elküldve: 2006 szomb. dec. 02 21:46
Szerző: marcus van ringen
Werner Van Kuyk @ 2006 Fri Dec 01 21:44 írta:Marcus van Ringen will be director off the WRC team

Yes I will, and I have a 3rd driver, Christiaan Wever

Elküldve: 2006 vas. dec. 03 18:10
Szerző: sebgutkopf
ok i registered

it's really good, that you have 2 Holland teams! Good race!

Elküldve: 2006 szomb. dec. 09 10:16
Szerző: marcus van ringen
Definitive line-up Holland Rally Team WRC:
1. Marcus van Ringen
2. Christiaan Wever
3. Paddy Cummins

Elküldve: 2006 csüt. dec. 14 09:43
Szerző: Paddy Cummins
Really nice job on the skins :up:

I will download them later. Thanks.

Elküldve: 2006 pén. dec. 15 12:56
Szerző: Rogerio Matos
About the skins, I would like to know if there will exist fixed numbers to all the drivers/teams.

It's because we are preparing a new painting to the car, and if we know something about this we can add it now :up:

Elküldve: 2007 csüt. jan. 11 10:00
Szerző: marcus van ringen
I miss one of my drivers in the driver list, Christiaan Wever. He has registered to 2007 season.

Another question, who is deciding the startnumbers in a team?

Elküldve: 2007 csüt. jan. 11 13:51
Szerző: MejakM
You could at least mention the author of the original skin :rolleyes:

Yes, I made that one...

Elküldve: 2007 csüt. jan. 11 19:33
Szerző: marcus van ringen
Werner will put your name in the readme.