RBR rallyesprint (comparison: PC versus console gamers)

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RBR rallyesprint (comparison: PC versus console gamers)

Hozzászólás Szerző: st.etienne » 2006 pén. szept. 29 11:20

Hi guys!

I'm following your championship over the last few months and it's really amazing to watch the videos I could find on your homepage. I'm shure to find here the best RBR drivers on this planet.
In the middle of October we are starting a small rallye sprint running over three short rallies and each rallye contains 5 stages. It is an offline championship with special but easy and uncomplicated rules. So consolegamers can join it too. Perhaps some guys of you are interested to take part in this short championship. It's for the first time that PC and console gamers can compare their stage times during a running championship.
There is only a little freetime which you have to invest in this event. And if some of you are interested in this comparison you can take the following link:


If you have any questions you can send me an email to following adress:

Thank you for spending time in reading through this announcement and perhaps we will see us in the near future. I hope that it's no problem publishing this thread in your championship-forum. Otherwise I understand if you don't like advertisement concerning other championships.

nice greetings from Austria, st.etienne