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Szerző: mcwax
2007 pén. jan. 12 22:15
Fórum: RBRchamp forum
Téma: Shakedown
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Completed the shakedown, and must say that Realistic is the way to go. Fixgascet works just fine.
Oh, and to team bosses - i'm still up for grabbing :D
Szerző: mcwax
2007 pén. jan. 12 20:26
Fórum: RBRchamp forum
Téma: Logitech G25
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Seems, that it's a grat wheel, but about the topic's subject...
299EUR seems to be a bit too much.
Costs about 192 EUR in Tallinn.
Szerző: mcwax
2007 szer. jan. 10 08:59
Fórum: RBRchamp forum
Téma: BG Rally Taem
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about bg rally team driver seat

Which car is your team using?
Szerző: mcwax
2007 kedd jan. 09 08:40
Fórum: RBRchamp forum
Téma: Videos of RBR
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Tarvo Allmere @ 2007 Tue Jan 09 09:27 írta:
someone please take those porn videos from this page and bann those to dickheads
This is more than likely somekind'a add/post-bot.
Szerző: mcwax
2007 hétf. jan. 08 08:22
Fórum: RBRchamp forum
Téma: Different grip in plugin
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It actually is (or at least seems to be) same for everyone.
Just for some driving-styles it has more efect. Those who drive a very clean trajectory with a little powerslide are less affected. And those - allways on full throttle guys (like me) - lose more time.
Szerző: mcwax
2007 szomb. jan. 06 00:07
Fórum: RBRchamp forum
Téma: Damage level in 2007 (reduced or realistic)
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I choose realistic.
Have driven very much with reduced damage, and recently been driving a few realistic-damage rallies... it's incredible how easy it is to totally f*** up suspension (handling) when jumping to far/high. Definitely more like real life.
fixgasket seems to work just fine...
Szerző: mcwax
2006 szer. dec. 27 13:48
Fórum: RBRchamp forum
Téma: Season 2007
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sebgutkopf @ 2006 Wed Nov 01 18:22 írta:Impreza 2005 is for manufacturer B. Private cars can't be newer than 2003.

Car categoryes here: click
Lookin' at the categoryies and i see that Fabia WRC 2006, is in Private WRC... hmh??? Is it a mistake? Is the car really that slow? Or is there a hidden agenda?
Thanks in advance for any insigth.
Szerző: mcwax
2006 szer. dec. 27 13:39
Fórum: RBRchamp forum
Téma: Drivers market 2007 - Looking for driver seat.
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To all WRC team managers... lookin' for a slow and unrealiable driver? well i'm your pick then! :D Just gimme a PM, if you need my services. PS! If noone's interested, i'll just do my thing privately in a dark corner somewhere... and don't come crying to me when your team is doing to good in the cha...
Szerző: mcwax
2006 szer. dec. 27 13:31
Fórum: RBRchamp forum
Téma: Point system in 2007
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I'd prefer the second option - it rewards victory, but still gives hope to those who are not so fast, but can finish a rally.