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Szerző: Christiaan Wever
2008 kedd márc. 04 22:52
Fórum: Richard Burns Rally and Rallysimfans plugin
Téma: Rallysimfans plugin
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Bug in plugin (comments)


I just noticed there seems to be a bug in the plugin with the comments.
When I add a , or ' to the sentence, the sentence doesn't work.

Not the worst bug in RBR history, but maybe can look after it :)

Sorry if this has been posted before or in the wrong topic.

I love the S2000 :D
Szerző: Christiaan Wever
2008 csüt. jan. 31 20:17
Fórum: RBRchamp forum
Téma: Season 2008
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Hi, first of all I would like to say good luck to everyone, and good luck admins with running this season :) I have some questions about the 2008 season and the new features in the plugin: I was test driving the Fiesta S2000 and found out there is no 'long' gearbox. Is this right or do I have a prob...
Szerző: Christiaan Wever
2008 csüt. jan. 31 20:02
Fórum: RBRchamp forum
Téma: Teams news for RBRchamp front page 2008
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Rallying for Holland ready for rallying!

Rallying for Holland ready for rallying!<br> From the start of this season we will have 3 teams. We have 2 private wrc teams with experienced pilots and 1 S2000 team that will take up the challenge at the new cars for the future!<br><br> Not only that! One of our team members is also team captain of...