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Szerző: Kenneth.E
2007 pén. feb. 16 11:47
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Erik Persson wrote "I am dissapointed in the stages for Sweden. I thought this would be a winter event. But now there are tarmac and gravelstages with snowtires. In my world I think there shuold only be winter stages in this rally. But this is just my own opinion." Im too dissapointed Take some tarm...
Szerző: Kenneth.E
2006 szomb. dec. 09 14:00
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Téma: Rally GB - last event
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Where are the cars??? for example my peugeot 307 2005 is not avalible. And also many other 2005 cars is missing????? I wonder same? I would drive yesterday but couldn´t find peugeot 307 2005 Even if it will be fixed I don´t have time to drive leg1 now. The car works in other rallies in plugin but n...
Szerző: Kenneth.E
2006 szer. dec. 06 01:11
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Téma: Looking for Manufacture team?
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Looking for Manufacture team?

I'm looking for a driver seat for a manufacture team in season 2007

/Kenneth Emanuelsson