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Szerző: LucOut
2008 szomb. jan. 05 16:18
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Téma: Teams news for RBRchamp front page 2008
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I would like to drive in Skoda team.
Szerző: LucOut
2007 pén. feb. 16 08:41
Fórum: RBRchamp forum
Téma: Sweden 2007
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Re: Sweden 2007

Erik Persson @ 2007 Thu Feb 15 22:05 írta:I am dissapointed in the stages for Sweden. I thought this would be a winter event. But now there are tarmac and gravelstages with snowtires.
In my world I think there shuold only be winter stages in this rally.
But this is just my own opinion.
Szerző: LucOut
2007 hétf. feb. 12 09:29
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Szerző: LucOut
2007 kedd feb. 06 15:00
Fórum: RBRchamp forum
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Our video from Monte-Carlo :) I hope, it will be better next time ;)
Szerző: LucOut
2006 kedd szept. 12 12:32
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It wasn't the best weekend for me. I made big mistakes and I had to call spectatros 2x. It costed me cca 1:20 min. But I finished on points - 5. position among S1600 and it isn't so bad. Now I must practise before next race, I want to be in Top3.

Lukas Utrata
Fiat Punto Super 1600
Szerző: LucOut
2006 kedd aug. 29 19:59
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Second place among S1600, it is my best result in this rbrchamp. I was starting only second time in S1600 in this championship. Before start this event, I hoped in position in TOP6 and podium it was my dream. So, I am very happy now. Car was perfect and I made only two small mistake. Next event is J...
Szerző: LucOut
2006 kedd aug. 01 20:41
Fórum: Richard Burns Rally
Téma: TT2006 Bajnokság (akár 1 autóval is belehet nevezni)
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Hi, i want to drive too

Name: Luká¹ Útrata
Czech name: UTRATA Lukas

Fiat Punto S1600 - 15
Subaru Impreza N11 - 20
Skoda Octavia WRC Evo II - 28
Skoda Fabia WRC 05 - 32
Subaru Impreza WRC 05 - 35

130 credits :)