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Szerző: Rallyman
2008 vas. jan. 20 12:24
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Téma: Teams news for RBRchamp front page 2008
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Hi all!
My name is Eduardo Perojo and I would be de 2nd driver in Citroen Autogomas Private WRTeam, Jorge Ortiz asked me if i wanna play with him and i said yes so if you can, put me on his team
Szerző: Rallyman
2007 pén. okt. 12 18:50
Fórum: RBRchamp forum
Téma: Peugeot España
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Peugeot España

Hi all. My name is Eduardo Perojo and i'm the new 2nd driver of Peugeot España with de original Peugeot 206 WRC. I talk with Jorge Ortiz and he said that i can run in te catalunya rally, isn't it? i put my e-mail here if it is necessary of something sorry for my bad english,typ...