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Szerző: Rauno Saavel
2008 szomb. dec. 13 18:14
Fórum: Richard Burns Rally and Rallysimfans plugin
Téma: Rallysimfans plugin
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can someone send me his PLUGINS folder?

please! :/

i cant drive, i opened game, go to option- > there should be PLUGIN, but there isn't :rolleyes:

hurry!!! :S

edit: thats ok, cant do anything nowere;P
Szerző: Rauno Saavel
2008 hétf. dec. 01 15:31
Fórum: RBRchamp forum
Téma: Season 2008
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hello everyone, i m new

i have a question, can i join with league too? i m hungarian : D
Szerző: Rauno Saavel
2007 pén. jan. 26 19:49
Fórum: RBRchamp forum
Téma: New physics
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somebody please Help!!! :confused2:

i need pysics for original Citroen T4. please!
i cant drive .